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Design & Woodworks

Avoca Ridge Ltd. Design & Woodworks will help you determine realistic timeframes for completing the work and help you select qualified and trustworthy tradesmen to assist with your project. To reduce costs, limit the number of changes once the project has begun.

When remodeling your kitchen, plan ahead to create a make-shift kitchen elsewhere in the house. Pets are often stressed by the noise and unfamiliar workers in your home. So, be prepared keep them safe and secure away from the work area.




Kitchen & Bath

Contact Avoca Ridge Ltd. Design & Woodworks, and we will help determine the best option for your kitchen or bathroom.

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Home Office & Bar

A home office can serve many different functions. Avoca Ridge Ltd. Design & Woodworks can create the ideal office space for you right in your own home.

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Laundry & Mudrooms

Avoca Ridge Ltd. Design & Woodworks can transform your laundry room and help you regain valuable storage space.

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See the difference with Wellborn Cabinets

Avoca Ridge Ltd. Design & Woodworks teams with Wellborn Cabinetry to create unique pieces for your specific home design. Wellborn cabinets are available in a variety of styles for every room in your home, with pricing for every budget.

Since 1961, the Wellborn family has owned and operated Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. located in the southern part of the Appalachian Mountains. The Wellborn facility encompasses two million square feet. Wellborn Cabinet integrally operates their own timber processing mill, hand selecting the finest solid cherry, character cherry, maple, character maple, oak and hickory to use in your cabinetry. With time-honored craftsmanship, they fashion each piece of cabinetry, providing our customers with lasting beauty and heirloom quality cabinets.”


Entertain your guests in your own bar

Enjoy happy hour at home and let us create the ideal place to unwind after a long day. Create your own classy bar area right in your own home. Contact us and ask about signature features that will make your new favorite bar truly your own.


If any additional inquiries regarding Design & Woodworking services arise or if you would like to schedule your complimentary consultation